A quick guide on who we are, what we do and where are we heading.

The year 2021 marks five brilliant and powerful years of 10Pearls University. These 5 years have been full of growth, expansion and impact, not only for us at 10Pearls, but also the tech industry of Pakistan at large. Through 10Pearls University (or 10PU as colloquially called), we have impacted and empowered thousands of lives through learning and development. True to its mission to facilitate lifelong learners, 10PU has up till now trained 5000+ resources, hosted 500+ courses and trainings, and issued 1200+ certificates to accelerate careers and transform lives.

So where did it all begin? How did 10Pearls University come about, what is its raison d’être, how it evolved, and what is the future. Here we tell-it-all.

The Beginnings

Since its inception, 10Pearls University has evolved from a niche training center to a career and life-enhancing learning ecosystem. It offers trainings, workshops, webinars, and courses to internal employees and professionals/students across the industry. The content covers both tech and management topics and caters to all difficulty levels. The purpose is to help individuals groom themselves, stay up-to-date, and have an edge – be it through mastering any database or programming language, honing project management skills, or enhancing soft skills such as time management or conflict resolution etc.

Hands-on learning for all

10Pearls University is also a manifestation of our core belief that education and learning is for all, and must never be a privilege. This is why all our content (be it a 60-minute webinar or a 2-month course) is absolutely free or has a very nominal, affordable fee. Through our training partners – which range from top banks and MNCs to niche tech communities – we aim to collectively upskill the talent pool of Pakistan, democratize knowledge, build strong partnerships, and ultimately, uplift the country’s economy.

10PU portal – Embracing a changing world

With innovation and accessibility etched in its very soul, 10PU launched its online portal (10PearlsUniversity.org) in March 2021. This comprehensive and constantly-expanding online portal & LMS essentially caters to the unique business and learning needs of today’s post-COVID, VUCA (Volatile, Unpredictable, Complex, Ambiguous) world.

Through the portal, anyone anywhere, anytime can sign up and access whatever content benefits them. It’s a game changer for millions of aspiring and experienced professionals since they are no longer limited by monetary, time or travel constraints. Also, since the instructors on 10PU portal have global and local exposure and experience, they are extremely open and inclusive to learners coming from all geographical and cultural backgrounds.

Events – Powering Conversations

When strategizing 10PU’s mission, it was unanimous that learning is hardly limited to academic courses/traditional teacher-learner format. Learning is also largely through exchange and display of ideas, debates and networking with diverse people. And so “Events & Meetups” formed an integral part of 10Pearls University. A large section is devoted to organizing hybrid/online conferences and expos, community events, competitions, hackathons and webinars. Every event – whether it’s a specialized Flutter or Angular Meetup, or a large-scale global event such as AI Summit or Women Tech Quest – strives to bring together brilliant and curious minds, empower one another, and showcase our country’s tech talent to the world.

Looking ahead

The future for 10PU is bright and full of opportunities. Our researchers and strategists are working full-throttle to on-board more Subject Matter Experts and develop top-quality content – in both technical and management domains. Our team of engineers and designers are driven to keep improving and perfecting the user’s online/hybrid learning experience. Above all, we hope to inspire and guide other players in the market. We hope to connect and collaborate with many more local and international organizations to strengthen an accessible and inclusive learning culture. As a key player in enriching Pakistan’s tech industry, we promise to keep upping our game and opening opportunities for all. Indeed, lifelong learners transform the world!

Author: Amber Arshad

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