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As a leading e-learning facilitator, 10Pearls University also partners with other organizations and institutions that work in the domain of e-learning. We offer a gamut of e-learning services. These include collaborating with e-learning SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) to curate, polish, and deliver content for courses, trainings and workshops, and also assist them with branding and technical roll-out. We leverage our vast and global outreach to ensure companies receive the mileage they desire.

High-impact skill development for all​

Vast and Accelerated Mileage

Maximize your content’s reach to a huge, yet tailored, audience

Experienced Instructors

Benefit from skilled instructors who have vast experience of online teaching

Content branding and execution

Co-brand with 10PU to hone your content, make it engaging and marketable.

Analytics and Reliving

Improve and analyze your session’s results through audience data and session recordings.

Engaging Experiences

Leverage our well-equipped virtual platform to enable smooth, immersive and impactful learning

Unique and Customized Solutions

Collaborate with our consultants to craft unique learning and development plans

Bespoke Content Creation

Collaborate with our experienced team to develop content according to your unique needs.​

Economical and Reliable

Excellent value for money, result-driven solutions, and flawless technical execution

Our Training Partners

Our Training Partners

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