Community-driven and collaborative, we offer webinars by our very own tech-experts working directly in the field, as well as industry giants. Covering a vast range of topics from Game Development to Cognitive Sciences, if you’ve got a computer and an internet connection, we’ve got something exciting to teach you.


Our workshops are carefully curated with your needs in mind, so whether you’re looking to get some help with hands-on coding, or want to equip yourself with the latest, cutting-edge technologies, our workshops have got you covered.


Everyone learns differently. To help you succeed, we built our courses around your schedule. With our self-paced and comprehensive lectures, along with study guides and resources, you can learn a new skill and build up your expertise alongside your college, university or job!

Fireside Chat/Discussion

Our Fireside Chats with thought leaders, industry giants and international pioneers are as entertaining as they are informative. Informal, one-on-one interviews, with the masters of their fields, followed by questions from an enraptured audience, always make for a lively event.


The events held at 10Pearls are exciting with wonderful learning experiences. From WomenTechQuest to AI summits, 10Pearls covers the most trending and happening domains for the attendees to have rich acquisition of knowledge and skills altogether.