Powering community building, accelerating tech growth

10PU Orbit is an outreach program by 10Pearls University with the purpose to connect with, engage and nurture the tech community in Pakistan. The program aims to bring together tech professionals and students, providing a platform where they can learn, exchange ideas, network and grow.

Orbit organises various technology and community-building events across Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi. These events are held at 10Pearls University premises, often in collaboration with other tech communities in Pakistan.

Connect, Network &
Leverage Learning &
Growth Opportunities
Strengthen the
Tech Industry


Ask me Anything (AMAs)

Open houses to connect 10P members with students and professionals

Demo Days

Opportunities for techies to showcase their entrepreneurial prototypes and products

Micro-Learning Initiatives

Short trainings, webinars and workshops on tech/non-tech topics

Gaming Competitions

Opportunities for gamers to flaunt their skills

Speed Programming Competitions

Timed contests to test programming prowess

Community Events

Meetups to connect, collaborate and grow together

Gain An Edge


Grow your network and connect with industry professionals

Career Opportunities

Access to career opportunities within 10Pearls University/10Pearls

Focused Platform

A focused platform to build core and ancillary tech skills


10PU Orbit also empowers niche tech communities with 10PU’s established platform to scale/grow their network,


Together build and strengthen the tech community of Pakistan

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