Community Building

10Pearls University organizes various public events aimed at engaging and nurturing the tech community. These initiatives facilitate industry liaison for likeminded technologists to learn from and challenge one another.

Conferences and

In line with our commitment to lead innovation, 10Pearls University hosts various large-scale conferences and expos on emerging technologies. These conferences open avenues, help raise awareness, showcase homegrown work, and serve as a catalyst for dialogue and development. Notable conferences include AI Summit – a leading conference and expo on Artificial Intelligence.


Community meetups are smaller, niche gatherings of specific tech communities and groups. They provide a platform for exchange of ideas, hands-on knowledge and networking opportunities. Noteworthy community events include Docker and Kubernetes event, Flutter meetups and Angular meetups.

Seminars and

Numerous seminars and webinars are held every month on trending topics and technological advancements. These sessions are conducted by seasoned trainers on topics and range from mental well-being and agile project management, to leadership skills and practicing gratitude.

Competitions and

Different hackathons and competitions are regularly organized to encourage healthy competition, push participants to excel in their work, test their skills, and build the ability to work in high-pressure environments. Women Tech Quest, Immersive Reality Code Jam, and CodeFest are some prominent competitions.