Test Case Management With Testworthy

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Course Description

Welcome to the Test Case Management With Testworthy

In this Training, we’ll be learning about Test Case Management and its benefits. We will also cover the test case management application ‘Testworthy’ and build an understanding related to the test cases management.

This training will provide you an experience to excel in Quality Assurance.

What’s in this course?

  • Introduction of Test case management
  • Discuss trending test case management applications
  • Introduction of Testworthy
  • Discussion of all the core modules in Testworthy Testcase Management
  • Testcase Execution by Test run and Test Plan
  • Milestones and Release Plans
  • Project overview
  • Jira Integration with Testworthy
  • Reporting
  • And so much more – check out the full curriculum on this page!

This really is the “Complete Guide” – promised!

Are There Any Course Requirements or Prerequisites?

  • You don’t need any prior knowledge!
  • This course starts with zero knowledge assumed! All you need is basic Testcase management tools knowledge.
  • Check out the full curriculum, the free preview videos and join the course for absolute free.

What you’ll learn

  • Create and execute Testcases.
  • Manage test plans.
  • Get familiar with all sorts of Testing methodologies under single platform.
  • Learn to manage Test cases and cycles efficiently.

Who this course is for:

  • Basic knowledge of writing test cases and test scenarios and their management.
  • Students and Professionals who want to learn test cases management and its tools.
  • Students and Professionals who want to take their testing skills to next level.
  • Anyone interested in learning an extremely popular tool used for test case management.


Course Outline

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Instructor Introduction
2 minutes
Introduction of Test Case Management
3 minutes
  • Why do we need to manage the test cases
  • Benefits of Test case management
  • Excel vs Application
  • Trending Tools of Test case management

Testworthy and Creating the Project in Testworthy

Introduction of Testworthy
1 minute
How to create Project and Manage the Users
3 minute
  • Signup via free account
  • Create Projects and invite users based on the role
  • Limitation on users based on plans

Create and Manage Testcase on Testworthy

Create and Manage Testcase on Test worthy
15 minutes
  • Creation of section and Subsections
  • Creation cases quick and detailed way
  • Import and Export cases
Milestones and Release Plans
3 minutes

Purpose of Milestone and Benefits

Testcase Execution by Test run and Test Plan

Testcase Execution by Test run and Test Plan
9 minutes
  • Purpose of Test Run and Test Plan
  • How to create execute test cases and perform operations
  • Export Test Results
  • Relation between milestone and test runs
Project Overview
4 minutes
• How to see the overall progress of the project

Jira Integration with Testworthy

Introduction to Jira Integration with Testworthy
2 minutes

Admin can manage the Jira Integration

Jira Integration with Testworthy
3 minutes
• Generate and download the report
10 questions


Test Case Management Tools and Their Benefits
1 minute


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