Test Automation with Cypress

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Course Description

Welcome to Test Automation with Cypress!

In this course, we’ll be learning about Cypress from scratch, helping you build a strong foundation of knowledge and understanding.

From learning how to build fast and reliable automation tests for any web application using Cypress, and a complete understanding of Cypress components for generating test execution videos, screenshots and reporting, to understanding JavaScript basics in order to help you implement the best practices of coding for Cypress tests, everything will be covered in this course.

So, whether you’re someone with basic-level knowledge of JavaScript, or even if you know absolutely nothing about JavaScript-based automation tools, this course will get you to the point where you feel confident in your ability to apply for Test Automation Engineer jobs, or even build on your portfolio as an Automation Engineer.

Whatever your goal is, this course will help you achieve it.

Note that this course is based on Cypress version less than 10

What’s in this course?

  • Introduction to Cypress
  • Difference between Selenium and Cypress.io
  • Why all this buzz around Cypress?
  • Installation of pre-requisites
  • Installation of Cypress.io
  • Running your first test
  • Assertions
  • Using configs to setup Cypress
  • Cypress custom commands
  • Cypress fixtures
  • Using hooks to define tests
  • Grouping tests with Mocha
  • Running test suite using CLI
  • Headed and Headless execution
  • Browsers supported with Cypress
  • Mochawesome reports

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • A system with Windows/Linux/MacOS
  • Installation of prerequisites is covered in the course
  • No prior JavaScript / coding knowledge required

Who this course is for:

  • Students who want to learn web automation
  • Students who want to take their testing skills to next level
  • Anyone interested in learning an extremely popular tool used for automation

Course Outline

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Starting Course

Instructor Introduction: Jytesh Punjwani
1 minute
Introduction to Cypress
5 minutes
  • Why this buzz around cypress 
  • Learning cypress architecture 
  • What makes it different from the king of the hill Selenium WebDriver 


Getting Started with Cypress
9 minutes
  • Setting up NodeJS and NPM 
  • Setting up cypress 
  • Using Visual Code 

Writing the First Test in Cypress
22 minutes
  • Writing and organizing tests 
  • Interacting with web elements 
  • Validations 

Learn the Best Practices in Cypress
16 minutes
Cypress Command Line Interface
5 minutes
  • Parent Commands and Custom Commands 
  • Passing user input in to the commands 

Execution of test suite using Command Line Interface  

  • Headless and headed execution 
  • Cypress run and Cypress open 

Mochawesome Reporting
17 minutes
  • Grouping tests with Mochawesome 
  • Generating Html reports from Json 

Final Words

Summary: Test Automation with Cypress
1 minute


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