Instructor Introduction: Osama Majeed

Hi! My name is Osama Majeed. I am software engineer and a game developer. I have more than 3 years of experience in developing AR, VR and gaming applications for multiple platforms using Unity. I started game development in my university days. My first game was a simple 2-player 3D Chess game. Since then, I have worked on all types of games and applications including complex 3D multi-player games and augmented/virtual reality applications for desktop, mobile, AR and VR platforms.

In this workshop, I will be teaching you how make games using Unity engine. How to design, develop and build cool looking games with realistic graphics and complex mechanics using unity’s built-in features. No prerequisites! This workshop is for all kind learners who are passionate about making games. It’s a very long road, but after taking this workshop the path for making games will become very much clear.

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